July 21st , 2011 became one of the longest days of my life. At 8:20 pm, my wife, two sons,mom — in — law and my oldest son’s friend decided to go for a swim as we lived on the lake.

As we decided to enter the water, my oldest son decided to jump off the dock (not dive) but looked down, saw me and thought he was going to land on me so he twisted in mid air and hit bottom. He became lifeless for approximately 45 seconds, face down.

After getting our son to the dock, we realized that he was motionless from the neck down. We arrived at the hospital at 9:00 pm and the doctors diagnosed him paralyzed from the neck down. At 6:00 am on Thursday morning, my wife and son were flown to Toronto to head to St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto. My mother — in — law, my younger son and myself jumped in the van and headed south for the longest eight hour drive of our lives.

After arriving in Toronto eight hours later, we were received with huge hugs from my wife. She had been waiting most of the day with the doctors and nurses doing tests on our son who laid motionless from the neck down in his hospital bed. For the next two and half weeks, our son showed some progress when it came to movement. My wife and I did exercises everyday moving his fingers and hands to keep the muscles from tightening up. Throughout the first 17 days, he was so upbeat and had a dry humour to keep us entertained and showed us how strong he was. On the 18th day, the doctors flew him back home to our local hospital for the next two weeks to start to recover. Following that he would be heading back to Toronto to Lyndhurst Spinal Rehab.

In the two and half weeks in at our hospital, our son showed progress with movement and starting to stand with help from my wife and myself along with starting to feed himself.

When he arrived to the Spinal Rehab, the nurses were going to get a lift to help him move from his wheelchair to his bed and he said ‘NO’, I will do it myself. This is when it showed me how someone no matter what age can PERSEVERE through anything and convince their mind to overcome the obstacles thrown in front of them. The next six weeks, our son showed progress everyday with more movement in his arms and legs along with his coordination.

After six weeks in rehab, our son regained from mobility and walked out of the rehab facility under his own movement.

While our son was away in Toronto with my wife for six weeks, our younger son also hurt himself — breaking his arm and spending six weeks in a cast. With our family separated for six weeks while my older son and wife lived eight hours away, I realized that if we can make it through this and seeing how determined our two sons were, we could make it through anything as a family. Now five years later, you would not know that anything ever happened on July 21st, 2011.

It has taken me five years as an entrepreneur that I can help empower, motivate and inspire other people to get through obstacles and bumps in their lives and conquer what is happening in their individual lives. Both my sons and wife are the ones that give me the motivation and inspiration to continue to be strong everyday.

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