To realize our purpose, and help each other achieve our respective goals. To help each other with individual projects, share resources and do what’s needed to help each other realize our dreams. To have clear and written life missions and business goals that are congruent with our values. To give back our energy and the abundance we create for our community by becoming the human beings we were meant to be by using our talents for the greater good.

The Promises:

Together, we will become:

  • Joyful, by discovering and fulfilling our true potential with each other’s help.
  • Authentic, grounded, and secure in who we are.
  • Free from behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that may hold back our growth.
  • More willing to aspire to even higher levels of achievement, beyond what we once thought
  • Positive in our approach and attitude, with genuine encouragement and enthusiasm for all,
    generously shared.
  • Forgiving, full of patience to deal with shortcomings – others and our own.
  • More willing to trust our instincts, courageously following our inner voice, taking risks and
    learning from mistakes.
  • Connected, not just to this powerful circle of people who care, but in all the relationships that
    matter in our lives.
  • United, never letting each other fail.

The Princples:

  • Service to others rewards the giver as much as the receiver.
  • Instincts are an important aspect of your decision making process.
  • Accountability starts with the individual.
  • Honesty is a must.
  • Holding other accountable is an act of generosity.
  • So-called failures are celebrated as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Humility is a virtue.
  • We are in this for a lifetime of continuous growth, not just a quick fix.
  • Air grievances right away. Don’t allow resentment to fester.
  • “Sparring” or conflict may be part of the process.
  • Our ears are always open.

The Rules of Engagement:

  • Confidentiality – Treat information as confidential to ensure members feel free to share.
  • Be punctual, starting and finishing on time shows we respect each other’s time.
  • Be committed. Repeat absences or those who do not uphold the values of the group will be
    asked to leave.
  • Be attentive. No cell phones or emails during the meeting, everyone is focused and listening.
  • Skip the small talk; it’s fine before the meeting, but not during. This ensures meetings are
  • No business transactions between members. Group members should not conduct business
    between each other, although we may share contacts and resources.
  • Complaining and whining is not allowed during the meeting.
  • Facilitator – The Facilitator’s job is to keep the meeting on agenda, on time and act as
    moderator during group discussions/brainstorming.