At the Mogul Dad, we know living your dream is more than just achieving your goals in the future – it’s also about enjoying your journey along the way! With that in mind, we want to help you live your dream every single day, through both small steps and large ideas.

The Mogul Dad is the name I gave to my personal and professional effort to help motivate people to succeed in life.

I am here to help you to get informed, inspired and motivated to get your ass moving in the right direction to achieve your goals…whatever they maybe.

We will sit down with athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities and even the average Joe to discuss their heart and soul, their wins and losses, the ups and downs in their lives.

My Journey

Right now you’re enduring a lot.

Some family members and friends tell you to suck it help and the feelings will pass, but you are trying to live your life while you also navigate the difficulties of anxiety.

Today, I want to share with you how you can do that better, so you can begin your journey toward recovery.

Now, I know that sometimes you feel like you’re hanging on by the thinnest of threads and that at any moment that thing is going to snap, sending you spiraling into madness, or something like that.

Let me just say this: that ain’t gonna happen.

I can tell you what will happen though. You’ll continue to think that this is a possibility and as a result you’ll stay locked into a state of fear. That is, until you adopt a new attitude.

Instead of just slogging your way through anxiety helplessly,what’s needed is an attitude shift from being a passive receiver of fear and terror, to taking on an attitude of a seeker of peace.

To get this done you’ll have to persevere to be sure, but you’ll have to do so intelligently. You’ll have to not just endure pain, panic, and hardship, but you’ll need to do all of that with a goal and a plan.

In short, you’ll need perseverance, focus, and a chief aim to attain freedom from anxiety.

Perseverance is something that lies in all of us. It’s always there ready to be used. So the problem isn’t that you can’t persevere, or that you can’t endure your situation, the problem is that you’re enduring all of this without a plan and with the wrong frame of mind.

The thing is that you’re not going to win any medals for just withstanding anxiety. So why do that? Aren’t you ready to break this cycle of fear and worry? I’d say that you are.  So to help you get into the right frame of mind, I’ve produced a new podcast just for this occasion.

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